Kevin Chroman represented me in several matters pertaining to my divorce and support issues. I found him to be tremendously responsive, knowledgable, friendly, and effective. Over the years I have consulted with a few family attorneys and Kevin has given me by far the wisest counsel. His work ethic is unparalleled; Kevin meets deadlines and delivers on his promises.

Kevin is a strong believer in mediation over litigation, and he has kept me out of court when it was possible. He is a good negotiator and believes in working with both parties to seek an amicable resolution. Moreover, when I've reached out to Kevin for advice in the ensuing years, he has been amazingly gracious with his time and counsel. You never feel "on the clock" with him. Kevin is also sharp; five years later he remembered small but key details about my case that even I had forgotten. If you're looking for a shark, there may be other choices. But if you're looking for a reasonable, ethical and client-first attorney who will work to resolve your legal matters without needless court time and costs, I highly recommend Kevin Chroman without reservation.

Kevin is someone I would recommend highly for your martial law needs. Kevin is honest , amicable, and very attentive. I never felt that I couldn't reach out to him at all times and even for the smallest questions it never felt like I was bothering him. He represented me in my divorce and made things as simple and easy as possible. I never ever saw a court room. Kevin has also helped me with real estate questions and regarding finances when I was married.

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