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Mediation Benefit #2


Time is money, so the saying goes. When you are paying an attorney who is charging you to speak on the phone with your ex’s attorney, write them letters, drive to meetings and wait in court to have your 10 minutes in front of the Judge, their time can easily cost you tens of thousands of dollars. That is when you can see just how expensive time truly is. When an average hourly rate of an attorney can be between $450-$650 an hour, the money goes fast—YOUR money goes fast. Where is that money coming from? College funds? Retirement Accounts? Investments? Nest Egg? What better way could it be used? What if you could manage to work it out without costly telephone calls, long letters, long court documents and trips to the Judge? What if instead of costing $50,000 - $150,000 + your divorce would cost $5,000 - $15,000? The average mediator’s fees falls within that range. Parties who have reached their own “customized” agreement for a fraction of the cost are generally more likely to follow through and abide and comply with its terms than those who have spent their retirements having an agreement imposed by a third-party decision-maker.

Mediation Benefit #1


When people are able to discuss their perspectives openly and come up with a solution that speaks of personal interests and reasonable compromises, that agreement is likely to be kept. Moreover, the people making the agreements feel a stronger sense of satisfaction, as they helped to craft the most important portions of the agreement. Therefore control over the terms of agreement are an essential reason people choose mediation over going to court.