Online Dispute Resolution

Online Dispute Resolution

I am happy to accommodate and facilitate a Divorce, Legal Separation, Premarital Agreement, or Post-Marital Agreement by offering Online Dispute Resolution. Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) primarily involves meeting remotely from the comfort of your residence or work space, at your convenience. Online Dispute Resolution is often seen as being the online alternative to 3-way, in-person meetings. Online Dispute Resolution is an extension of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). All ODR clients who sign up prior to May 15, 2020 shall receive a 15% discount. Online Dispute Resolution is best used when two people are unable or unwilling to be in the same space while discussing the terms of their divorce, legal separation, Premarital Agreement (Prenup), or Post-Marital Agreement.

Whether you have an amicable divorce, or a more challenging situation, The Law and Mediation Office of Kevin J. Chroman can assist you and your family. Mediation is the inexpensive alternative for divorce and legal separation, and Online Dispute Resolution is the more convenient alternative for resolving disputes. Call me today at (818) 528-7755 to find out more about this option.

How long will it take for a remote divorce mediation or online divorce resolution?

Typically, mediated divorces take as long as the parties take to reach agreement. The more agreement-readiness your case has, the faster I can draw up the agreement. With moderate issues, a mediated online divorce can take 2 months.

Can we have face to face meetings if needed, even if we signed up for remote mediation?

If necessary, face to face meetings can readily be set up even when you have begun a remote mediation process.

Are remote divorces less or more expensive?

Remote divorces cost about the same as a face to face mediated divorce. There are no added costs which would increase the expense.

Are judgments from a mediated divorce and remote divorces the same as a non-mediated divorce?

The judgments are signed by the judge and have the same enforceability as judgments in all other types of divorce proceedings.