Let's Sit Down and Come To a Resolution

Let's Sit Down and Come To a Resolution

Collaborative family law in Sherman Oaks, CA and the surrounding LA County

Let’s Sit Down and Come To a Resolution
Collaborative Family Law in Sherman Oaks, CA and the surrounding LA County
If you and your partner are ready to file for divorce but don’t want the emotional and financial stress of going to family court, turn to the the Law Office of Kevin J. Chroman.

Kevin J. Chroman, Esq, is a trained Collaborative Family Law professional. Collaborative Law provides you and your spouse with a more affordable solution to your legal needs. The process begins with the attorneys agreeing not go to court. To help you communicate effectively and understand the financial elements, a financial expert and coaches are part of the Collaborative team. The completed process ends with the family reaching a peaceful agreement on:
• Child support
• Spousal support
• Child custody
• Property Division
• Additional matters tailored to your case

Why should you opt for collaborative mediation?

The cost of going through family court isn’t the only reason why collaborative family law is a better choice. Collaborative mediation is:

  • Quicker
  • Less emotionally charged
  • Based on compromise

It also allows you and your former partner to come up with creative arrangements that the courts might not propose.
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